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Jennylyn Mercado And Magazine Covers: A Ridiculously Sexy Retrospective

Our January muse is a cover girl pro.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 8, 2016
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Our January 2016 Cover Girl has certainly come a long way since her StarStruck days.

From being paired up with co-Ultimate Survivor Mark Herras, Jennylyn Mercado is now one of the country's established artists (back-to-back MMFF Best Actress lang naman), a doting mother to seven-year-old Jazz, a burgeoning triathlete, and just last year, officially the Sexiest Woman in the Land.

Any avid fan of Jen would have closely followed her path to stardom, but how about those who got familiar with her only recently?

For our part, we were able to dig up (as if they're that ancient) her past cover appearances, and come with a sort of retrospective of her colorful run as a Cover Girl.

Below is Jennylyn's love affair with Summit Media (not even including a Smart Parenting cover appearance with Jazz in October 2010), to show you how much we love having her onboard.

, March 2007

Cosmopolitan Philippines actually had the first crack at making Jen a cover girl during her nene days.

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, January 2008

To be honest, Jennylyn's first cover stint with us didn't have any indication that something life-changing was going to happen to her later in the year. She herself didn't know the surprise growing inside of her.

, November 2009

Jen's first cover stint since giving birth to Jazz on August 21, 2008 made everybody realize that pregnancy did her real good.

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Good Housekeeping, July 2011

The new mom that she is, our muse started branching out to more mature and parental glossies.

Women's Health
, March 2011

Jen also unveiled her recreational side: as a hardworking fitness enthusiast who fancies mixed martial arts and triathlon.

, June 2013

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A couple of years later, she proved that third time's the charm after answering our call yet again. A load of sand and some playful posing was all it took for somebody to kickstart the #JennylynForFHMSexiest campaign.

Good Housekeeping
, April 2014

Fully covered or not, Jen proved that being a single parent may be difficult but being in full bloom isn't that hard (for her).

, December 2015

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Fresh from being named the FHM Sexiest Woman in 2015, the 28-year-old star returned to where it all started, more experienced but as stunning as ever.

, January 2016

A rather fitting farewell if talks of this being her last cover stint are true. We certainly hope not.


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