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Third Time's The Charm: Jennylyn Mercado Lords Over FHM This June!

Jennylyn Mercado shows us what the remodeled woman should look like!
by mich r. lagdameo | May 30, 2013
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We cannot even begin to explain how awesome Jennylyn Mercado is. We’ve known it for some time now, this being our third time hooking up with her for a cover shoot. Come to think of it, we’ve got no better way to prove how awesome she is except for these three covers. Just look at them…

jennylyn mercado fhmJennylyn’s January 2008 and November 2009 FHM covers.
Note the transformation: from teen star to hot mom...

jennylyn mercado fhm june sex symbol. Third time’s the charm, right?

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And forgive us if we brag (actually, no, we don’t care—we’re totally gonna brag), but shooting her again meant we got to spend another day lounging around with her. And if Jennylyn comes off as approachable and friendly, it’s because she totally is—we were witness to how unpretentious and low-maintenance she can be, even in a scenario (hot sun, long hours, gaggles of people kibitzing on the beach, long biyahe) we would expect a celeb like her to throw a fit over. But Jen (yeah, we’re close na) chatted us up, made the workday go smoothly, and cracked jokes that made us feel like we were barkada (but nope, we’re totally not friendzoning her—it’s kinda impossible for that to happen).

We only have great things to say about her (least of which is she is definitely worth the long-ass drive and super expensive toll fees this shoot entailed) and we’re pretty sure you all will only have great things to say about her cover as well. That face! That skin! Those smiling eyes! Tell us if this cover isn’t one for the books.

And it isn’t just the cover, it’s the whole shebang! Our June 2013 issue also has OneFC ring hottie Christine Hallauer, the sexy chicks of the Lingerie Football League, and primers on everything from sex on wheels, to your daddy’s haircut, to basic BDSM. This is sheer awesomeness in one issue, all leading up to FHM’s version of Christmas—next month’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World celebration!

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But before all that, let’s take full advantage of our time with the remodeled Jennylyn, starting with this exclusive behind the scenes look at her third FHM cover shoot! You’re welcome…

Our June 2013 issue is now available at newsstands and bookstores nationwide! Digital copies will also soon be downloadable, click here!

Photos Mich R. Lagdameo
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