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Jessy Mendiola, This Year's Sexiest Woman, Has A Message To All The Naysayers

The new Queen knew you'd react this way
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jul 1, 2016
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We had a feeling this would happen.

With how tight the race for the title of "Finest in the Land" was (not to mention the dedication of the top contenders' respective fanbases), whoever came out on top were destined to be subjected to intense scrutiny.

Good thing then that newly crowned FHM Sexiest Woman in the Philippines Jessy Mendiola is no stranger to doubters and bashing on social media.

A few weeks ago, in the heat of the voting and while social media feasted on her bikini selfies, she dropped the mic on body-shamers via a lengthy Instagram post, complete with persuasive visual proof.

This time, as the new Queen, Jessy once again addressed naysayers who aren't convinced with her being declared the Nation's Finest.

With regards to all the negativity, she believes "the reason naman why people are bashing or hating kasi is because they hate something about themselves. At hindi lang nila matanggap [yun]."


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And in this era of body-shaming, Jessy realized that there is only one way to combat such criticism.

"It's self-acceptance. I've accepted that my body is like this," she says. "And you know what makes it better? Because when you accept it, people will start to accept it, too. So the physical posts, it's more than that. It's a message na...gusto ko, gusto kong ipakita sa inyo na masaya ako eh. Masaya ako sa katawan ko. And you should be too.

"It's okay to not be fit all the time," adds Jessy "As long as you are happy and you love yourself, then that's what's important. Hindi naman pwedeng palagi ka na lang, all-year round batak o kaya payat. As long as you are healthy, as long as you are happy, then that's it. Done deal."

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She also wants her title to be a symbol of a revolution.

"It's not just about, 'O, siya ang Sexiest.' I want to send a message to everyone. Sa ibang bansa nagiging uso na yung iba-ibang itsura ng sexy, yung mga ipinaglalaban nila Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities. I want it to be like that here. Kumbaga, let's embrace all body types. Let's embrace all personalities. Hindi lang babae ang pwedeng maging sexy, pati lalaki rin! And maganda yung ganitong venue."

We, armed with our beer bellies and thick thighs, couldn't agree more. Long live the Sexiest!


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