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Near-Naked Fun: Jinri Park for FHM August 2013!

Thank You, Korea!
by mich r. lagdameo | Jul 29, 2013
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It appears that August is the month where everything we’ve been waiting for has come to pass. Case in point: the long-anticipated debut of Jinri Park on our cover.

We admit, choosing her was a no-brainer: She first made her existence known on our pages, then still an unknown Korean student living in Manila. She quickly gained our interest (and a following) by being one of our March 2012 Bikini Special babes, then became an FHM columnist before hitting it big on the radio/TV/hosting circuit. A couple more sexy shoots and a gravure book later and we’re all wondering, “When will it be FHM’s turn (again)?”

Well, lads, Jinri’s finally come home. And you know what’s even better than finally getting what you’ve been waiting for? Getting what you’ve been waiting for and it being even frigging better than you could ever imagine—i.e, this baby right here...

Jinri’s cover was shot on a sleepy Saturday, but Jinri hammed it up with the shoot crew, a bright spot of cheery color in an otherwise dreary, still-kinda-hungover weekend. The props were all pretty novel and new to us—suffice to say, we will never look at gummy worms, goldfish, and stuffed tigers the same way ever again.

Taking its cue from our cover star, the whole August 2013 issue also gathers everything we’ve wished for in one edition: a hilarious-yet-insightful 2013 FIBA Asia Championship primer (may it prove useful when you go cheer for the Philippines), a comprehensive list of the things men cannot exist without (clue: beer is obviously on it), and a definitive answer in the age-old Dildo Vs. Your Penis conundrum (you might not like it though). And babes, babes, babes galore—your new columnist Erika Padilla makes a splash in this issue, too.

But before all that scroll down for an exclusive behind the scenes look at our favorite Koreana’s FHM cover photo shoot!

(FHM’s August 2013 issue is now available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide! Digital copies will also soon be downloadable at

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