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Jinri's Live Chat: Jinjas Say the Darnest Things!

Shout out to all the Jinjas!
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 13, 2012
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Hands up if you joined last Tuesday night's FHM Live Chat with Jinri Park! Our resident columnist loved every minute of it, even going beyond the agreed timeslot just so she can spend more time doing whatever it is y'all asked her to do. Really, a flying swimming kiss?!

"I've never tried a live chat session before, so I had no idea what to do," reveals Jinri. "It was overwhelming—there were so many people asking questions all at once. It was something new, a good experience. They were all asking for me to do "Oppa Gangnam Style" on camera, which I did twice!"

We were actually able to take note of some of the things said and done that, some of which are super sweet, peculiar, and just flat out inappropriate. But what the hell, we had no idea it would turn out to be an extra awesome time. Tawanan hanggang matapos! Here's a real time recap of the darnest things we read during Jinri's FHM Live Chat session!

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(20:47:44) rlagdameo: Recorded yung video!!!!! kalokohan!! iba nag tatype para sa kanya!!

(20:48:01) pamaypay07: can we see anything like your bra?

(20:48:42) Malibog2: wag naman bastos mga tol

(20:51:16) eleven001: you look like gretchen ho

(20:52:43) pogikayo: FLYING SWIMMING KISS

(20:55:50) buldokachi: I am sorry FHM bot, i will not spam again.

(20:56:40) riconomio: pwede bang i boot out nyo na si malibog? ang libog nya eh nagwhiwhisper sa kin haha

(20:57:08) Phubert02: Make love to me Jinri!! <3 :D

(20:57:14) rusel: VITAL STATS?

(20:57:24) ninjaassassin: VITAL SIGN? LOL

(20:57:36) slumdhoms: VITAL PARTS

(20:58:35) AHRJAYRAMOS: Jinri give a kiss

(20:58:47) istop: jinri say that you love me

(20:58:47) reynbox: hirap naman icapture ng fan sign di na lng ako mgpapagawa

(20:59:50) losermania16: puro kayo fansign! napapagod rin yung tao

(21:01:44) buldokachi: what number strength is the electricfan in front of you

(21:05:24) Jinri: Lab you!!

(21:08:07) Jinri: 36-26-35 i think?

(21:08:11) buldokachi: im hungry. are you hungry Jinri?

(21:08:34) rlagdameo: Jinri whos your favorite pokemon??

(21:10:26) akitopogi: My wife'll kill me, I have to go Jinri bye

(21:11:53) bheibiiloves: OPPA JINRI STYLE ..

(21:13:22) jaydan_21: oh my god something happened log po ako ms, jinri

(21:15:04) gfrankie: no wonder you don't smile that often, coz when you do, you rock the whole world!!!

(21:17:15) istop: jinri let's see the mistress together

(21:21:22) alienboyguitar: hi ms. jinri, can you prove it to us that the video on the ustream is in realtime by making a salute facing the cam? thanks!

(21:21:30) rlagdameo: JINRI!! In 5 years from now, will you remember what you did yesterday? What about the day before that? Or the day before that?

(21:23:30) pogikayo: sorry sa mga di maka view hahaha

(21:25:40) Marckielo: you've just hit my heart

(21:26:38) PhRiStO: man this chat rooms overflowing im just gonna stare at jinri give me a wink miss jinri ^_^

(21:27:29) Jinri: wala mic LOL

(21:29:07) nathantulog: baby all weve got is time

(21:29:59) Marckielo: i heard your voice here! hehehe, in my mind lang pala

(21:32:18) Jinri: 15mins left guys!!

(21:32:36) neptunez42: tie your hair pls

(21:32:56) icaronan: idol ang ganda mo dati si yoon eun hye lang idol ko ngaun ikaw na

(21:34:48) linknburb: even when you're face has no expression, you're still cute! XD

(21:36:29) Jinri: Wind in the hair

(21:36:34) jherickirasga: just died a little bit jinri!!

(21:39:48) nathantulog: face danceface danceface danceface dance

(21:41:01) asspu: miss jinri wag ka muna aalis gawan kita cupcake haha

(21:41:20) lpg_punkt_onix: FAMOUS LAST WORDS JINRI ??

(21:41:36) Jinri: time to say bye!

(21:41:51) jaydan_21: ok bye

(21:41:51) louericson: thanks jinri for the time

(21:42:47) jaydan_21: all hearts 2 u ms, jinri bye luv u

(21:43:53) japrocks: so hotttttttttt

(21:44:35) dwizzt: *kisses Jinri ala-Gangnam style*

(21:44:45) jaydan_21: BYE JINRI FOR PRESIDENT

(21:45:04) leiiyo_punkt_lopez: SWEET NIGHT JINRI 'mylovesoswit

(21:45:16) dominator: wala na

(21:45:31) dominator: batsi na mga tropa hahahahaha

(21:45:56) jaydan_21: OK BYE NA MGA JINJAS

(21:46:46) rookie2414: waaaa

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