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Jumper - True Stories

<p>Jumper takes a stunt dive... true story entry soon follows</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 31, 2010
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We were celebrating a friend’s birthday with an inuman session. After long hours of heavy swigging, things started to get rowdy. The alcohol got into my head and stole my sanity. I dared my buddies that I’ll jump off the roof, they  called it and cheered me on. The depth: around two floors down.

Inebriated and willing to put on a show, I allowed them to tie a cape on my neck made of plastic bag. I climbed to the top deck. It’s pretty high but the daredevil or jackass in me pushed on, I jumped. While free falling, I tried my best to land on my feet but ended landing on my ass! Every one laughed like crazy. Humor wore off when they had to rush me to the hospital, my entire body was in pain! While drunk and naked in front of a bunch of nursing students, I found out that I bruised my spine. Lesson learned, the hard way.

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Story by:  Enzo_DV by email

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