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We Break Down Karylle, Jugs, and Teddy's Reverse Video (And Pay Tribute to Mutemath)

<em>It's Showtime</em> hosts Karylle, Jugs, and Teddy, make people go from meh to whoah!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 23, 2013
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It's Showtime hosts Karylle, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz wowed the madlang pipol yesterday, October 22, as they delivered an initially bizarre performance for their Magpasikat Ka number.

The trio started by implying that they will perform an Indian-inspired number while showing clips from their "rehearsals" with an Indian translator. They even gave it a name, "Hindi 101," to further sell the ruse.

However, there were no hints of any Indian influence when they took the stage, only tons of random stuff appearing one after another.

And then they sang in complete gibberish...

People were left confused. Guest judge Ai-Ai delas Alas appeared bewildered. And everyone asked themselves what the F are they watching.

Then the big reveal happened: The trio ordered for a playback. In reverse!

The back-masked clip showed that they actually performed the show's opening theme song Moonwalk-style—that means backwards for you non-Michael Jackson fans!

The concept was most likely inspired by American band Mutemath, who also performed their hit song "Typical" in reverse in Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2007.

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The song's official music video also had the same concept:


In any case, Karylle and her team's revelation instantly made the crowd go from meh to woah. The judges clapped their hands silly. And the Internet was given another gem of a video.

Now, because we're still giddy about seeing Karylle in a salsa dress such a unique performance, we reloaded the video on YouTube to break down what happened. Check out our play-by-play below and see if you missed out on anything during the first time you saw it!

Here's the trio trying their best to hide their naughty, "We'll get you!" grins. They start shouting "emitwohs sti." We're like "Huh? What?"

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All of a sudden, colorful boxes and graffiti starts to fall from the sky.

Dancers then flock the stage to get the umbrellas that appeared out of nowhere...

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