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No alcohol, no pustahan, not even a Vhong Nvarro dance can save you from yourself
by Ronjay Eduvas | Apr 27, 2012
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Back in college, me and my best mates were shooting a music video for the Vhong Navarro song "Huwag Kang Makulit", and we were required to do a choreographed scene full of kembots and girly steps. We shot the video in a cornered area so no one would see our embarrassing dance moves.

Halfway through the song, we heard lots of giggling coming out of nowhere, so we stopped. After looking around, we found out that we were actually dancing in front of a one-sided transparent glass window, and a whole classroom full of students actually saw what we're doing! They witnessed every shameful dance step we did that day. Bwisit!
King Rex, by email

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