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The Double Down Dog And 4 Other Weird-Looking Fast Food Meals That Were Sold Locally

Are your eyes (and tummy) up for these unique fast food creations?
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 1, 2015
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We bet you've seen this cholesterol-filled creation on your News Feed, Instagram, or on a table in front of you:

kfc double down dog

For the uninitiated, that's the KFC Double Down Dog, a cheese-and-chicken hotdog with honey mustard sandwiched between a chicken fillet "bun." Introduced by KFC Philippines last week, it initially had a fast food run of just two days (from January 26 to 27) and was sold in select KFC branches (P95 a la carte, P129 meal), each one only selling a max of 50 a day.

It's a fast food creation that's meant to make meat lovers go gaga and vegans convert. However, the Internet has been rather unkind with its reactions to it. For example, Mashable called it an "abomination" while Sploid thinks it "looks ridiculous."

There were also a lot of negative reactions on social media, such as:

kfc double down dog

kfc double down dog

kfc double down dog

kfc double down dog

kfc double down dog

But no matter what they say, it looks like the DDD is turning out to be a meaty best-seller. On their Facebook page, KFC Philippines proclaimed that the "sandwich" has been sold out in all participating stores. And what does the fast food chain do when met with such demand? The logical thing, of course: make the Double Down Dog available in ALL brances!

"Ha! Take that, Internet!" says The Colonel.

So yeah, the Double Down Dogas horrifyingly over-the-top as it is to some of usis here to stay. That being said, it's not the only "creative" fast food creation that was sold here in the Philippines. Do you and your tummy still remember the...


kfc double down dogImage via Spot.ph

What it is: Strips of happiness (bacon), egg, and a slice of cheese sandwiched between two pancakes. Yes, for real!

Status: Was made available October last year and is currently offered in select branches in the morning. Just the sight of it will perk you up in the AM ASAP!


kfc double down dog

What it is: Bacon strips, egg, and a slice of cheese all between two pieces of chicken fillet. Also known as the Double Down Dog's equally-heart-attack-inducing ancestor.

Status: Discontinued. Hey, even KFC knows when it's too much.


Video via Williamdevaughn

What it is: A chicken or beef patty with lettuce and tomatoes tucked in between a pair of sticky rice patties. Blame this one on our love for rice.

Status: First spotted in the wild streets of Manila in 2006, it had a brief local revival last year but is currently not being offered.

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kfc double down dog