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When FHM Met Kim Domingo: Behind-The-Scenes At Our December Cover Shoot

You know you want more Kim Domingo. You know you need more Kim Domingo.
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 7, 2015
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Do you know why you clicked on this link?

Well, besides the fact that it had the words “FHM” and “Kim Domingo” in its title, have you really considered why you would willingly spend precious minutes of your life reading or watching something on your news feed? While there are numerous elements of advertising principles at play here, it kind of boils down to something really simple–how relevant we think something is to our lives. And when you realize how all of these people, companies, and brands (including FHM Philippines) are competing for your attention is the moment where you will realize how we picked this girl to be our cover girl this December:

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It’s because  Kim Domingo! broke the Internet. And we’re not just copying that statement from that other magazine that covered another Kim (Kardashian) on their cover. We truly believe that Kim Domingo (and not just her butt) broke the Internet.

On June 10, 2015, Kim posted a video on her Facebook account, titled “Twerk it Like Miley,” where she made cute faces while lip-syncing the aforementioned song. Kim never really expected the video to blow-up the way it did—a combined 5.4-million Facebook and YouTube hits as of this writing. “Gumaya lang ako sa mga friends kong nag-po-post ng sarili nilang mga videos na nakikita ko sa newsfeed ko,” shared Kim to us after her photo shoot. “Nagulat talaga ako dahil ang dami namang ibang mga magagandang girls na gumawa noon kaya hindi ko talaga ine-expect na mapapansin yung akin.”


Now, we can’t really accept that all of this was just an accident. We just can’t. There has to be something about this girl that made all those people abuse that replay button and made a video from a phone camera get three million views on Facebook alone. This girl is beyond pretty. She has the kind of wit that makes you want to be with her all the time (as she displayed during our interview), and well, she has an unbelievably sexy body—but there are a million girls like this on the Internet!

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So, what made Kim an Internet sensation? We couldn’t really find the answer to this; all we knew was she had to be an FHM cover and that it should happen soon.

We were pretty nervous about what was going to happen during our shoot. It didn’t help that Kim was also feeling a bit nervous when we started. At first she seemed quite uncertain how she should conduct herself. It might have dawned on her how making cute faces to her mobile phone’s camera is quite different from having to look sexy in front of a group of strangers. Our photographer noticed this and tried to make Kim feel more comfortable with having all eyes on her. “Wag mo na lang isiping shoot ‘to,” instructed our photographer. “Paglaruan mo na lang, parang nag-vi-video ka lang sa phone mo or something.” And as if by magic, we saw the Kim we fell in love with the first time we watched her face-twerk like Miley.

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We remember thinking to ourselves, “parang effortless.” And that’s when it hit us—it WAS EFFORTLESS.

The supermodel stance, the naughty yet playful smile, the presence that fills the whole room with unadulterated sensuality—all that effortlessly happened once Kim got her groove on. Each layout came with a spread of her contagious personality. She looked confident like no one was watching but also obviously reveled in the fact that everyone was watching.

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Just like how she shared with the world her Dubsmash videos, she didn’t intend for things to blow-up like this. She didn’t want to break the Internet. It just happened, and that’s what makes her special. That’s what makes her sensational. This was the real Kim Domingo—a traffic stopper in this information superhighway we call the Internet. A girl who can make the world stop and watch her.

At this point, the team pat each other in the back and congratulated everyone for “a great find.” This girl is going places, and like many before her, we can say we (kind of) saw her first.

Aside from Kim’s sensational cover shoot, our new issue also has Dasuri Choi, Yassi Benitez, Lhea Benardino, Rachel Anne Daquis, and other FHM Girls in our 100 Sexiest Sponsor Babe feature. You can also expect more delicious pictures in our decadent Holiday Feast Ideas story. We give you a fun way to burn calories on our Quickie Guide while our Social Media Etiquette feature will help you maintain your Internet integrity. All that and so many more surprises are inside our jam-packed December Issue!

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But before you pick up a copy why don't you first take a gander at some behind-the-scene shots from Kim’s cover shoot by opening the gallery below!

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