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Crush Ng Bayan Alert: Meet TV Host and Fashion Blogger Kim Jones

She's the one
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 16, 2013
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FHM Nation, we have a new Crush Ng Bayan alert! Have you ever heard of television host and model (and soon-to-be Mrs. Jericho Rosales) Kim Jones? Boy, that chick is a pocket full of bliss, and it shows prominently in her award-winning fashion microblog, Miss Jones.

After reading about her Best Instagram Microblogger win at the recently concluded StyleBible Virtual Style Awards, we gave her website a quick look. What was supposed to be a short stroll turned out to be an all-nighter. And we've never slept so soundly in months.

But talk is cheap, so we'll let you experience it yourself. Scroll down to see some of the pretty photos and thoughtful, articulate blog entries that make Kim Jones the unprecedented princess of bliss and happiness! Twee!

1. The one where Kim looks just as lovely behind the scenes

Kim Jones                                                                                          Photo by Janine Uy

"I was pleasantly reminded that two different sets of eyes can perceive identical settings so differently and so uniquely. I love how she got all of my 'in-between' moments. When one camera wasn't clicking away, hers was. I love how she caught my adoring gaze at Zorro, me rectifying my lipstick in the side mirror of our car, reveling in my lavish surroundings and most of all how she snapped Echo and I sharing a giggle."

2. The one where Kim couldn't help but admire how wonderful the UP campus is

Kim Jones                                                                                     Photo by Roxanne Nebres

"Here's a day we spent at the University of the Philippines before a much needed coffee fix. The sun was vigorously beaming down and if I had a picnic rug I would have kicked off my shoes in a heartbeat!"

3. The one where the Aussie in her longs for a beach-related blog post

Kim Jones
"When my best friend first told me she was planning a trip to Manila, white sand haven Boracay was at the top of our list. Our Aussie upbringing has left salt water running through our veins and an obsession with sitting in a pool of sweat trying to get that gorgeous brown skin that morenas are gifted with. The ocean's aqua, cyan and turquoise hues extended through to my outfit for the plane ride home as a beach farewell always leaves me feeling a little, well, blue."

4. The one where Kim finally got some down time (even though her blog implies she's always on vacay)

Kim Jones                                                                               Photo by Jericho Rosales

"Both mine and Echo's lives have been incredibly busy lately and it's a blessing all on its own to just sit in silence with the one you love, listen to the crashing waves and watch the sun end another day. You all know how much I ramble on about my penchant for sunsets (more so now because I just watched
Gravity) but it really is a stunning daily reminder that no matter what your schedule or your circumstances there's always time to admire the beauty around us and that the sun will always rise the next day."

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