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Kim Jong-Un Will Regret Sharing His Portrait After Seeing This

This was bound to fail, honestly
by Charlain Austria | May 20, 2016
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Few people from all over the world were stunned upon the release of a giant portrait of North Korea's Supreme Commander, Kim Jong-un.

Apparently, the North Korean leader's love for Photoshop isn't shown in the photo, it having not been digitally "improved." Some analysts deemed the gesture as intentional, to portray that even though Kim is treated like a god by the citizens of North Korea, he is as "normal" as every leader.

Netizens weren't too amused with Kim suddenly changing his ways, though, so they decided to do the editing themselves. Through the websites Bored Panda, Reddit, and Twitter, people engaged in an intense yet priceless Photoshop battle. Below are some of our favorites.


Can you guess which famous personality Jong-un is forced to channel in the following photos?

Here's Jong-un as cartoon characters:


And last, but certainly not the least, a very naughty Kim...

Can't get enough of Kim's funniest photos? Check out the rest of the creations here and here. Or maybe you should just join the Kim Jong-un #PsBattle.


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