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FHM's Hot Recommendations For Kim Kardashian's Book Of Selfies, Selfish!

She can make money off of anything
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 12, 2014
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Looks like Kim Kardashian can make money out of anything–even her selfies.

The reality TV star is about to release Selfish, a photo book that contains nothing but her, uhm, selfies. Here's the tentative book cover:

Kim's book of selfies is set to hit newsstands on April 7, 2015 and will go on retail for P877.

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Why burn almost a thousand bucks for this book? This excerpt from may convince you to give this thing a go:

"During an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the 33-year-old reality TV star said she got the idea from a 'sexy' Polaroid photo book she gave hubby Kanye West for Valentine’s Day. 'It ended up turning out so cool that we come up with this idea to do a book, a selfie book,' she says. 'And so, I’m going to make some super-racy. I mean every girl takes full pictures of their a** in the mirror…I might share some of them.'”

And by "super-racy," she means this:

Photo from TMZ

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Remember that butt-iful photo above and the ruckus it made on the web? Imagine what 325 pages of sexy selfies can do!

Completing this thing, however, demands a lot of work, snaps, and phone memory, so we took the liberty of helping Kim choose the selfies for her photo book. Below are our hot recommendations!

Anything with a sneak peek on it. Take this pre-Oscar party dress snap, for example.

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P.O.V. shots are always a good idea.

Just like any girl, Kim loves taking selfies while working out. She takes photos of her front...

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...and her back!

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