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Kristel Moreno rocks MIAS

<p>Shining like a true crystal</p>
| Apr 20, 2010
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In and amongst the tens of thousands of car lovers who flocked to the country’s biggest car show, a lovely lady sat on a chair situated in one corner of the show grounds. [firstpara] Booth babes were sprawled all over the place as well, so there wasn’t really a dire shortage of prettiness in the event, but this lovely lady stood out.

Kristel Moreno, we mean. In that corner, she got ready to meet a crowd made mostly of men who eagerly took some time off from gawking at all the pretty cars to meet our cover girl.

And soon enough, the line swelled, and Kristel did nothing but her best to sate her adoring crowd. At the end of the day, this lovely lady had proven her worth as a cover girl.

Hey, getting the attention of men in a place filled with exotic cars must count for something, right? In any case though, you can click here now for the photos of Kristel Moreno at the autograph signing in MIAS.

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