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The FHM Bulakbol Guide: Work Excuses To Avoid This Friday

Whatever you plan to make up to extend your long weekend, don't let it be any one of these
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 21, 2014
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There was no work or school today because it's Ninoy Aquino Day. On Monday, August 25, there'll also be no work or school because it's National Heroes Day.

Which leaves us with Friday/tomorrow.

This Friday, August 21, might just be the worst because it's sandwiched in between what could have been a five-day weekend—a span of time that's long enough for an awesome out-of-town getaway. Some people have a solution: file a leave. But what if you've used up all your leaves for the next five years? Well, your favorite bro, FHM, can teach you how to get away with pagbu-bulakbol.


Your boss will be on guard tomorrow, and below are the worst excuses you can give him/her, so don't say them at all. Sure, they might work... But at what cost?

Excuse #1:   "Boss, yung lola ko, sinugod ko sa ospital

Will it work? Yes, but what kind of apo are you?!

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Excuse #2:   "Boss, namatay yung tita ko"

Will it work? Yes, but there's a special place in hell for those who use a relative's death as an excuse.    

Excuse #3:   "Boss, may appointment ako sa doctor. Titingnan kung may [insert serious medical condition here] ako"

Will it work? Yes... But the universe has a cruel sense of humor, and one day you'll find out that you actually have that rare condition that you once faked.  

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Excuse #4:   "Boss, ina-atake ako ng almuranas"

Will it work? Yes, but now the entire office will know that you have almuranas.

Excuse #5: "Boss, si misis di ako pinapasok ng bahay kagabi, di pa ako natutulog"

Will it work? Yes, but now the entire office will know you're ander de saya.

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