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Ladder to Sucess

Trickery and brutal honesty comprise this month&rsquo;s batch of rib ticklers<br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Aug 30, 2011
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One day, Ron came upon a big, long ladder that stretched into the clouds. He'd walked this way every day and this ladder was never there before. Curious and brave, he began to climb. Eventually, he climbed into the layer of clouds, and saw this rather large, homely woman lying there on a cloud. She spoke: “Take me now or climb the ladder to success!” Ron figured success had to be better than this, so he continued climbing. He came upon another level of clouds, and found a thinner, cuter woman than before. She also spoke: “Take me now or climb the ladder to success!” Ron saw that his luck was changing and so continued his climb. On another level of clouds, he found a rather attractive woman with not so bad of a figure. She stated, “Take me now or climb the ladder to success!” Ron really liked his advantage now!

He climbed quickly and deftly, and sure enough, on the next level, he found a gorgeous, lithe, well-endowed woman lying seductively on the cloud. “Take me now or climb the ladder to success,” she huskily whispered. Ron couldn't believe his eyes, but his greed caught the best of him. He climbed to the next level, expecting someone nothing short of a goddess. Suddenly, the ladder ends, and a latch closes behind him. He looks over to see a 400 pound, 6'8” hairy biker dude with tattoos. The biker gets up and walks menacingly towards Ron. Apprehensively, Ron whispers, “Who are you?” The biker answers, “I'm Cess.”
Ralph Sienes, by email

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