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A Pinoy Is Trying To Make The Official Lego Voltes V Kit, And He Needs Our Help!

A Pinoy OFW has designed and built LEGO figures of Voltes V! He needs our help (in particular, our votes) to make it an official kit!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 11, 2014
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Micoy Tanseco is a banker.

But after work hours, the Filipino executive who works for a global bank in Hong Kong pushes away all the number-crunching for a hobby that have hurt countless feet through the years: LEGO!

At 39, the man seems like he's past the age of playing with toys that we typically associate with kids. But he believes LEGO is an art form. He says, "There are people who draw, paint, write, and compose. For AFOLs (Adult Fans Of Legos) like ourselves, we build LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations)." 

His latest MOC truly got our attention. Take a look:

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Yes, Micoy Tanseco has brought a childhood icona beacon of awesomeness for kids in the '80s and '90sto LEGO-life. And he needs your help in order to have LEGO make it into an official kit.

You see, Micoy has submitted his MOC to LEGO Ideas, which he describes as LEGO's "idea-generation mechanism that they have put in place to involve the fans in creating the sets that they like to see in the market." Fans submit their own models using LEGO pieces to the LEGO website, and the maker has a year to gather support for his project. If a project reaches 10,000 votes, then LEGO will evaluate the proposal and consider it for production.

That is where you come in, dear reader. If you want to see an official Voltes V kita kit that we bet will trigger nostalgia in today's professionalsclick here to visit Project Voltes V's page now! Register for a LEGO ID and then vote for it!

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Micoy adds, "As of this writing, the project has close to 600 votes and around 11,000 views. The project is ranked 3rd in the "Popular This Week" section. We need more votes to push this and I believe the majority will come from the Philippines and maybe Japan."

Hear that fellas? It means Pinoy Voltes V fans have to volt in, and make this banker's dream a reality!

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We got to talk with Micoy some more, and we asked him a ton of questions, like "Why Voltes V?"; how the idea of fusing his two loves, LEGO and Voltes V, came to be; and how to convince your wife to let you play LEGO. Read it on the next page, and see more individual photos of the Voltes units!

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Photos courtesy of Micoy Tanseco
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