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The Most Absurd Moments In Leila de Lima's Political Ad

'Problematic' is the best word to describe the following scenes...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jan 12, 2016
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Less than a month before the official campaign period kicks off (February 9), several #Eleksyon2016 candidates have already started politicking.

A war of TV advertisements is silently being waged, with PR teams using tried and tested formulas (e.g. star power for Mar Roxas and shock factor for Rodrigo Duterte).

On the other hand, some aspirants have been experimental in utilizing the boob tube to gain more popularity, as seen in Isko Moreno (redundancy) and Vice President Jejomar Binay's (irony) respective TV spots.

And just when you thought you've seen it all, senatorial candidate and former justice secretary Leila de Lima joins in the fun and releases an ad that would make ER Ejercito proud...

De Lima goes film noir-esque in the almost one-and-a-half minute clip, which portrays her as a no fuss (basically she didn't utter even a single word), umbrella-toting law enforcer.

Despite the impressive execution, we couldn't help but notice a few (funny) flaws in this black-and-white political bit.

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"Problematic" is the best word to describe...

1) Those cocaine cuts

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Don't we have policies regarding portrayals of this kind?

2) That awkward "shit just got real with this DOM" look on the waitress' face

Aktingan lang 'to, uy!


3) This hilarious engineering fail (as pointed out by a commenter on YouTube)

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So where the hell did that chain come from?

4) Those poorly edited scales of justice

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We get the idea, but you could've done better, CGI guy, like actually engraving it onto the frame of her glasses.

5) And lastly, but certainly not the least: De Lima's haunting grin

Good luck sleeping tonight...

Check out the full video below:

(Plot twist: It was her who the three hooligans were talking to over the phone. Kidding!)

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