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Leila Strikes Back: 5 Burning Quotes VS Misogynists

"Women's issues are trivialized by jokes, by the mentality that it's okay to make jokes about them..."
by F. Valencia | Oct 6, 2016
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On Wednesday, October 5, in a speech during a forum at the Commission on Human Rights, Senator Leila de Lima once again unleashed her fiery side.

The Philstar reports that De Lima "decried being the subject of attacks from Duterte, his political allies, and even ordinary citizens, particularly because of her supposed sexual activities."

Here are five of the embattled senator's burning statements:

1) "Pinaramdam sa akin ng kapalaran na may isang aspeto ng pagkababae na hindi ko pa pala lubos na naranasan: ang maging biktima (Fate made me realize that there was one aspect of being a woman that I had not yet fully experienced: to be a victim). A victim—not in the general sense of being a woman who has encountered the sort of sexism that pervades the daily life that women, unfortunately, have come to expect as part of their daily routine—but as a victim of direct, targeted, unrelenting, vicious, malicious and intentionally destructive attacks virtually from all directions, both from known and unknown assailants."

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2) "[The] knee-jerk reaction is to be upset about the suggestion that the violation of one woman, let alone the hypothetical 1,700 women, is a means to boost a person’s masculinity. [It's] even more [upsetting] to think that there are actually living, breathing organisms, occupying space both in the physical world and in cyberspace, who actually think that this is acceptable reasoning, to say nothing of those who pressed the 'Like' button."

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3) "Women's issues are trivialized by jokes. By the mentality that it’s okay to make jokes about them, and we are being 'overly sensitive' or 'KJ' by not finding them appropriate. Kaya siguro ang ilan sa atin (That's probably why some of us), without even realizing it, laugh along or, at least, huff out an amused breath or perhaps smile a little to indicate we have a sense of humor.


4) "A single woman having a physical relationship with a man? She's a slut! Crucify her. Oh no… No, wait, that's a man's punishment. Stone her to death! But he, oh, he... He's good. He's a stud! Is there a vacant government post that we can elevate by his election or appointment? Because obviously that's a born leader right there."

5) "No, diamonds are not a girl's best friend. That's a lie concocted by society to dominate a woman by making her feel like she's only as valuable as a material possession. No, if there is any way that a diamond can compare to a woman, it is in its strength. A woman is resilient, a woman is unbreakable. But unlike a woman, a diamond can't bend, it isn't malleable. A woman, even when she’s weak, she is strong; even when she bends, she remains whole; in the face of different challenges, she can adapt and find ways to survive and triumph."

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