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#PogiProblems: Study Says Life Is Hard For Handsome Men

As Andrew E. once rapped, "Mahirap, mahirap, mahirap ang maging POGI!"
by Neps Firmalan | Apr 30, 2015
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Hey you, our fellow "pwede na" bro who's reading this article. Don't wallow in the fact that you're not as hunky as the Derek Ramsays and Ian Somerhalders of the world; it's not always Christmas for the handsome ones!

Research from the University of Maryland has suggested that men with good looks might find it hard scoring a job, especially in cutthroat industries (e.g. sales). And it's doesn't put the blame on the male version of the "dumb blonde" predicamentit's actually the other way around.

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The study notes that handsome guys are subconsciously seen as more competent by hiring managers (e.g. future bosses, superiors of the candidate) and as a result, can be potential threats in the work place. In other words, it's jealousy rearing its ugly head. "One thing that we found was that attractive males are always seen as more competent than unattractive males," one of the study's authors, Marko Pitesa, revealed.

GMA News says this phenomenon is called the "Halo Effect" wherein one characteristic (e.g. looks, intelligence) is used to prematurely judge a person's overall attitude. We stress though that not all hiring managers are influenced by the Halo Effect and don't give a damn about how you look.

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So, the next time you see a dude that could be part of the annual man parade known as the Cosmo Bachelor Bash, don't think he has it all good. For all we know, he could still be living with his parents with no income, no thanks to his handsomeness. #MahirapMagingPogi

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