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LOL: Two Guys In Blindfolds Try To Determine If It's 'White Girl Booty' Or 'Black Girl Booty'

Think you can do better than these fellas?
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 10, 2015
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YouTube is home to some pretty crazy experiments. Today, though, we didn't see anything crazier than this video uploaded on the "All Def Digital" channel featuring two African-American dudes trying to see if they can determine the ethnicity of a touching her butt.

The guys in the video—Do Boy and Teddy Ray—argue that they can do so because "the black booty is so much more full" and that "the white booty is just there because technically you just got to have ass." They're blindfolded, and for every guess they get right, they get a "peach emoji," and for every wrong answer, they get slapped on the face. It's a risk that these guys seem to be willing to take though as they technically get a free shot at something that would be frownded upon in real life situations. Watch it here:

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