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Lola Lewdness

<p>Tales of&nbsp; mishaps: Most welcome!</p>
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 30, 2010
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I went to a bookstore to buy materials for school. I decided to read covers of your magazines and saw the latest cover of FHM. While flipping through it, an old woman noticed me and said, “Diyos ko, ang laswa!” Shocked, I accidentally dropped the rag on the floor. “Ayy! Bilog na bilog ang suso niyan oh!,” she points out. It was humiliating, people there saw the incident, even the cashier sitting in the counter.

Later I came back to the aisle to buy the magbut the old woman was still there, reading a cookbook. When we paid for the materials at the counter, the cashier saw the old woman reading FHM. She whispered, “Sir, si Lola tignan mo, iba na binabasa!” We were giggling while the cashier was processing our purchase.
Romjay, by email

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