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Lost in translation

Humor that can make the dead roll out from their graves
by Ronjay Eduvas | Nov 1, 2011
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During the Miss Universe pageant, host Bob Barker was introducing the contestants one by one. “Miss Australia!” he exclaimed, when suddenly a loud shouting came from the back of the auditorium “SUBTERRANEAN!” Bob Barker was puzzled but he continued, “Miss Japan!” again a loud shout echoed throughout the venue: “SUBTERRANEAN!” Looking worried, Bob introduced another contestant: “Miss USA!” The shout got even louder. “SUBTERRANEAN!!! WOHOOOOO!!!” Then Bob introduced “Miss Somalia!” but the shouting stopped.

After the pageant, Bob Barker ordered security to find the person responsible for the shouting. After several minutes they found Juan, a Filipino. Bob asked him why he kept on shouting “Subterranean.” Juan told him, “Dili man ako sigaw Subterranean, sabi ko SARAP TIRAHIN NIYAN!”
Rainier Barcarse, by email

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