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This Magic Mushroom Can Instantly Make A Woman Orgasm

Meet the world's naughtiest fungus!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 13, 2015
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Mother Nature has an awesome way of telling us what's good and what's bad for our body. Sometimes, she even gives us clues on what her natural creations are made for, especially when it comes to vegetation.

A carrot, which looks like an eye's iris when sliced, is good for our peepers; heart-shaped tomatoes contain lycopene and are good for the cardiovascular system; and kidney beans are good for the, well, kidneys.

Now, tell us the first thing you think of upon seeing this photo:

Image via Wikicommons

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No, you're not looking at a discarded dildo, it's actually a mushroom called Phallus Indusiatus (we see what you did there, biologist bros!), a kind of mushroom that's endemic to the islands of Hawaii that's becoming famous thanks to its, erm, sexual properties.

This phallic 'shroom was first discovered in 2001, and it only grows on cooled lava. Apparently, it also has lava-hot aphrodisiac powers as it can cause women who sniff it to orgasm instantly.

GIF via Giphy

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According to a study, this unique mushroom has hormonal compounds similar to the neuro-transmitters ladies release during sex. One whiff of this weird-looking mushroom can send a lady to orgasmic heaven in a jiffy.

Scientists have also found out that almost half of their female participants climaxed after smelling the mushroom, while others showed serious sexual arousal.

Male participants, on the other hand, were disgusted by the smell, even describing it as putrid. Well, if you make us smell anything that resembles a penis, we'll definitely be grossed out.

Imagine the possibilities...

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