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The Case For Maine Mendoza As This Year's FHM Sexiest Woman

It all started with that black-and-white bikini photo...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 27, 2016
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Believe it or not, we we're expecting this kind of feedback when we posted this particular tweet a month ago.

With how (over)protective her fandom is, not to mention her current market given her Eat Bulaga background, the thought of Maine Mendoza on an FHM cover is enough to start a fire, at least on social media. Even with our current revamp, her followers still aren't keen on letting us lay a finger on their beloved Yaya Dub.

The thing is, we've found a loophole to (sort of) bring Maine into the fold. And her gargantuan fanbase—not just the AlDub Nation—will play a huge part in this...

This year's 100 Sexiest Women in the World list.

All we have to do is include her name in the candidate list (DONE), disseminate this development online, and let the public's extreme admiration of her work its magic.


And who wouldn't vote for her? Maine might turn out to be one of the few women to crack the Top 10 in her first year of eligibility. We mean, have you seen how terrific she looks in a dress?

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Perhaps we can classify her brand of sexy as that of a model's. Besides, leaving a little mystery somewhat heightens the clamor for even a little bit of sexiness.

If you haven't noticed yet, it wasn't her wacky nature and penchant for weird faces that made Maine such a big hit. We've all been actually put under a spell by her oh-so gorgeous lips.

There's also something about grayscale that makes a woman more enthralling; a monochromatic grace that captivates even the biggest of doubters. In Maine's case, it epitomizes the versatility of her allure—the consummate mix of unmistakable class and restrained sex appeal.

Which takes us back to the photo that started it all...

What's left to do? Of course, casting your precious vote, which you can do by clicking here!


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