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Major Conflict: Is the Philippines Ready for War?

<br />Are we ready for war? Economic collapse? Terrorist threats? The bomb? Do we stand a chance? FHM analyzes our own paranoia...
by Ronjay Eduvas | Apr 11, 2012
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The whole world is abuzzed with concern and worry and doomsday predictions over the looming schedule of North Korea’s “weather satellite launch.” More than a few folks think that's just façade, a cover-up of a more serious threat: A nuclear missile test.

While it’s no secret that North Korea chose to amass nuclear weapons rather than, say, feed their people, what surprised the world was its move to open its doors for foreign media to stand and watch their celebrated satellite launch. Critics and world leaders welcomed NorKor's welcoming: They even imposed that the said satellite launch must be closely watched as it may pose risks, especially with their Asian neighbors – including our dear country.

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What if the critics are right? What if the “peaceful weather satellite” is just front for a nuke test? How will our country react? Can we even go to war? Is our military power capable enough of handling threats? Are we ready defend ourselves from a global crisis? If yes, how so?

We at FHM HQ looked into our nation’s chances should serious threats that concern peace and order arise. We measured each scenario’s threat level and the probability of it happening. Read on and find out just how ready are we for war.

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