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Man Dies From Stroke After Hickey Turns Into Blood Clot

Now that's one nasty love bite
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 31, 2016
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Take it easy on that MOMOL session, guys. An unlucky teen from Mexico got hot and heavy with his girlfriend...

...and died from a hickey.

Julio Macías González, 17 years old, reportedly returned home from hanging out with his 24-year-old girlfriend Iris and was eating dinner with his family when he started shaking violently.

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He died on the spot.

Doctors at the Red Cross pinpointed Julio's hickey as the culprit. The love bite apparently created a blood clot that went to his brain, which caused his convulsions and ultimately, a stroke, the Independent reported.

His parents told local newspaper Info Noticias that they have disapproved of Julio's relationship with Iris, noting the large age difference. They added that she was "controlling."

As of writing, the girlfriend is believed to be in hiding.


This is the second reported incident of a stroke that stemmed from a hickey. In 2011, a 44-year-old woman from New Zealand was suspected of having had a stroke after she lost movement in her arm and was hospitalized.

Doctors were left searching for answers, until they noticed a bruise on her neck—traces of a love bite.


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