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WATCH: Missing Man Found Inside Python’s Belly

This must be Orochimaru’s summoning jutsu
by Andrei Medina | Mar 30, 2017
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They weren’t in a Halloween film set, but horror struck the residents of an Indonesian village after a missing man was found dead inside a python’s belly.

According to BBC, 25-year-old Akbar from the island of Sulawesi went missing after leaving to harvest palm oil over the weekend.

There were resident accounts recounting how they heard cries at one of the palm groves, so authorities searched there first, only to find scattered palm oil and a huge snake with no traces of the missing man.

This was when the villagers grew suspicious of the 23-foot reticulated python, which had an awkward bump the size of a man on its body.

The snake was then killed and cut open while authorities took a video of the horrific moment.


Here it was confirmed that Akbar was swallowed by the snake. His lifeless body, which was already covered in the snake’s digestive juices, was slowly revealed as the serpent was cut open.

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The reticulated python is listed as one of the world’s longest and heaviest reptiles and is a nonvenomous snake that relies on constricting its prey before swallowing it whole.

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