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#BUKING: Man Gets Into Car Accident, 17 Girlfriends Show Up In The Hospital

It's one of the toughest <em>#pogiproblems</em> we've ever encountered
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Apr 8, 2015
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One of the wonderful things about facing the toughest time in your life is that you'll get to know and be surrounded by the people who care about you the most. Family. Friends. Girlfriend(s).

But in the case of a victim of a recent car accident in China, compassion was the least of his worries.

The victim, identified only by his surname Yuan, suffered non-life-threatening injuries but had to face the something scarier. Seventeen women. All of whom claimed to be his girlfriend. #PogiProblems

yuanImage via Changsha TV

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The 17 girlfriends (who of course didn't know about each other) showed up at the same time in the hospital after their shared hubby's doctors contacted all of them assuming that they were “relatives.”

According to the South China Morning Post, the girls were surprised to discover the truth about their darling. Xiao Li, who has been in a relationship with Yuan for about 18 months, said she wept uncontrollably upon learning that he’d been in an accident.

“I was really worried when I heard that he was in hospital. But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn’t cry anymore,” Xiao was quoted as saying.


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Xiao then made a chat forum where she included the other girlfriends. She learned that Yuan already has a child with one of them, Wang Fang. “What can I do now? I don’t love him anymore, but I do love my son,” shared Wang.

Meanwhile, another girlfriend, Xiao Ting, was devastated as she believed that Yuan was her “Mr. Right.” She was already planning for their wedding at the time of the accident.

But the most shocking revelation was that Yuan had been supported financially by some of his girlfriends–one of whom doing so for the last nine years. It turned out the 17 girlfriends weren't all for show. His M.O. was simple but very effective: He contacts a girl online, gains her trust, then borrows cash from her. It's estimated that he swindled thousands of money from the women.

Further investigation also revealed that Yuan had presented fabricated school documents to an engineering firm to gain employment. A separate report states that he’ll be facing fraud charges for his actions.

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But the real question here is which consequence should he be afraid of: jail time or the wrath of 17 scorned women?

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