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FHM Rants: Why Commuting Is A Lot Shittier When It's Raining

A lot of you will relate to this piece.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 17, 2015
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Just when you thought metro traffic isn't harrowing enough, commuters Tuesday night had to literally brave a storm: Typhoon Nona.

Were you among those who waited for everything to clear up, because rush hour extended until well past midnight?

Or were you gutsy enough to face the gridlock aboard PUVs, hoping that the driver will take the best route, but in the end still got stuck wherever the hell you were?

Most of us workaholics (ehem!) here at FHM HQ were stranded, like one staffer whose usual 10-minute ride home using a car-booking service surged to P500+. Another took a standing-only bus and endured being packed like sardines, yet he had to cut his trip due to the atrocious traffic and spend the night somewhere else.

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The traffic-and-rain combo is not the most welcoming sight for an exhausted member of the workforce. And the sorry state of the local public transport system obviously rubs salt into the chronic wound.

Affected citizens that we are, a spite-filled rhetoric on why we dread commuting, especially when it's pouring out there, is just fitting:

yell Don't you just hate the feeling of floodwater seeping through your shoes while wading that part of the sidewalk that's not underwater? And with local thoroughfares not necessarily the most sanitary, just think of the number of germs you unconsciously contract.

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yell Don't you just hate those inconsiderate pricks who, upon entering the PUV, aren't trying not to get you wet with their dripping umbrellas? What's worse is that they don't even seem interested in apologizing.

yell Don't you just hate not having a choice but to ride air-conditioned vehicles despite being drenched because it's relatively more convenient? It's not necessarily comfortable, and you risk catching a cold. Plus, it's friggin' freezing the whole trip. Then the one beside you unconsciously aims the broken air-con vent your way...

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yell Don't you just hate the fact that no matter how hard you avoid getting wet, your clothes still get soggy, rain gear and all, because you're crammed with soaked co-passengers? What starts as uncomfortable physical contact ends up as an unpleasant, sticky feeling.

yell Don't you just hate that lady who, since boarding the vehicle you're riding, has been grumbling nonstop about the country's traffic situation, as if that would even do anything? How about that dude who squeezes beside your claustrophobic ass, despite the abundance of vacant seats?

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yell Don't you hate the erratic car-booking surge that makes getting home a lot pricier even for those who can afford it on a normal day? Meanwhile, cab drivers turn into "picky eaters," but instead of food, they become choosy with passengers.

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yell Don't you hate not being able to ride anything at all? Everyone is experiencing the same thing—tired, stressed out, and stranded.

When the rains come again, we wish you good luck getting home. May we all avoid butting heads with anyone who is in the same wet dilemma.

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