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Government, Can You Give Good Guy Manny A Break?

Man, we bet this was not the hero's welcome the Pac-Man was expecting.
by Mikey Agulto and Mark Jesalva | Nov 27, 2013
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Man, we bet this was not the hero's welcome he was expecting.

Two days after his dramatic boxing comeback in Macau, the government slapped Manny Pacquiao with a P2.2 billion tax evasion case, threatening to freeze all his assets, including his bank accounts (lots of 'em) and land properties (lots of 'em), in the process. That ought to hurt more than a Marquez haymaker!

According to reports, the tax case stemmed from the supposed failure of Manny's accountant to file the Pac-Man's income tax returns from the multi-million dollar taxes collected by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service from his prize winnings for the years 2008 and 2009, which amounts to over $28 million. Pacquiao, meanwhile, insists that the government's claims are baseless and that this is a mere game of politics.

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