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Go Behind-The-Scenes At Margo Midwinter's FHM March 2016 Cover Shoot

The new FHM is here, and this Fil-Brit stunner will help you understand what it's all about
by Pong Castillo | Mar 2, 2016
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"All good things must come to an end," the old adage goes. But here in FHM, we'd like to end things to welcome even greater beginnings. Case in point: This new era of FHM ushered in by model and Pinoy Big Brother 737 alum Margo Midwinter. "Wow, that’s some kind of different," you're probably thinking to yourself. Sure, it is, bud; but this is exactly the kind of different we are aiming for. She is the kind of different we aimed for and got.

After all, we are now 16 years old. It's about damn time we make changes. It's about time we change.

Behold, the new FHM is here, and Margo is doing a fine job representing it.

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Margo's photo shoot shows just one side of the new us—monochromatic (well, sometimes), edgy, sophisticated. "Everything was very tasteful and very elegant," described Margo of her shoot. We've had our eyes on her even before her PBB stint, and after getting a few "Are-you-serious-you-want-me's" from her, the stars aligned in time for this Anniversary Issue. "FHM is taking on a new concept, and I thought I have to be a part of it," said Margo.

As a bonus, we found out that she also possesses the characteristics that FHM will never lose: perky, quirky, and beaming with positivity. Margo is also the type of girl you can hang with for hours and not feel like you've wasted your time. "I'm a jolly person and I know how to have fun." After almost eight hours of shooting, she was still up and game for interview questions, video spiels, and a bowl of Chinese food with the team.

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Ms. Midwinter though is just the tip of the FHM Redesign iceberg. This retooling comes with a bunch of improvements, all designed to better the lives of the people we've served for the past 16 years—and the people who have yet to discover our humble brand.

The man essentials tackled on this issue include: a travel guide to the world on the cheap (as in tour-Europe-for-only-P200,000 cheap); the tale of the San Miguel Beermen's historic victory; dating and women tips from the funniest man we know, Michael V; and a guide on what millennials really want.

If you're worried this new direction we're heading to will destroy the relationship we've nurtured for almost two decades, don't be. We are different, sure; but it'll feel familiar.

Now, before you run out to grab a copy of our new issue, enjoy an exclusive look at what went down during Margo’s cover shoot. Hit the gallery below!

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