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Maria Ozawa Cries Foul Over 'Bastos' Immigration Staff

She feels her privacy was disrespected
by Andrei Medina | Sep 15, 2016
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Actress Maria Ozawa is not happy after a personnel from the Bureau of Immigration (BI) allegedly posted a photo of her passport online.

In a post on her Facebook account, Ozawa said that she felt that her privacy was disrespected and that she couldn't believe what happened.

"They are just being bastos. But people who actually work in the immigration [are] doing stuff like this?" part of her post read.

Ozawa noted that the BI is a government institution where citizens give their trust in exchange for keeping their privacy.

She said she will leave it up to her managers to decide how they will handle the incident and whether they will file charges against the BI employee.


The BI for its part told GMA News that they were already investigating the mishap and assured that they don't tolerate these kind of actions from their employees.

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