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Maria Ozawa Is FHM's June 2015 Cover Girl!

Dreams do come true!
by Neps Firmalan | May 27, 2015
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We honestly thought it will never happen. We're glad to have proven ourselves wrong.

When we heard Maria Ozawa was in the Philippines late last month for a quick visit, we knew we had to do something. So we tweaked our tight schedule, pulled a few strings, and exchanged hours of sleep for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was not an easy task, but it was all worth it.

We think we deserve a high five (or at least a pat on the back) for this one. Ladies and gents, the Maria Ozawa is FHM's Cover Girl for June 2015!

maria ozawa fhm

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You probably already know why this is such a big deal for our little rag but, for the clueless (e.g. women, lads who were too innocent back then), Maria is among the most popular Japanese AV (adult video) actresses of all time. She made her debut 10 years ago and, with her angelic face (doesn't she remind you of Angelica Panganiban?), slim-yet-curvy-bod, and eyes that made love to the camera, she quickly gained a worldwide following. In fact, she was voted #7 on Complex magazine's Top 50 Hottest Asian Porn Stars Of All Time.

She's not that much into adult videos anymore and has since branched out to other, more wholesome fields like mainstream movies and modeling. That doesn't mean though that her appeal and popularity have waned. On the contrary, her ability to transcend her roots and become a more well-rounded talent made us want to get her on our glossy pages even more. #FHMOhMyMaria, indeed.

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Aside from chummying it up with us, Maria also gamely engaged us in a lengthy conversation which answered many of our burning queries regarding the life of an adult video superstar. One such interesting tidbit came as a response to our ultimate fanboy question: "What's up with all those high-pitched vocals in Japanese AV films?" To which she answered: "Ha ha! That’s like the big thing in Japan! It’s really a Japanese thing. And the fans, they just like it. The louder a girl is, the more pleasure a girl is feeling, or the better the orgasm." We knew it! You're welcome, guys!

The Japanese goddess is just one (albeit very big) of the many reasons why you should grab a copy, STAT! For this issue we also tried our hand at stand-up comedy, dissected the true power of common sense to answer frustrating everyday problems, decoded song lyrics that can help you get laid, and revealed why being a one-trick pony at work is B-A-D.

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FHM's June 2015 issue will be available in supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores starting tomorrow, May 28! You can score digital copies in the following days through the FHM app ( and the Summit Media Newsstand (

Or, as always, you could also get a first look at the photos of our new cover muse by clicking on the photo below!

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