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Maria Ozawa is Alive!

<p>The popular Japanese Idol went missing following the Tsunami</p>
by Lou E. Albano | Mar 14, 2011
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The catastrophe that struck Japan last Friday was truly a cause for alarm. The country was even warned of possible Tsunami striking our shores.


But apart from higher-than-usual waves in Baler, Aurora, there wasn’t much to be worried about.

Save for the fact that Maria Ozawa went missing.

According to The Daily News Global, Ozawa, or Miyabi as she is called, wasn’t answering any calls or texts following the 9 magnitude Earthquake.

So troubling was the news that Maria Ozawa actually became a trending topic on twitter Friday, along side the hashtags Japan, Sendai, Earthquake and Tsunami, to name a few.

Thankfully, she finally makes her presence felt the next day, Saturday, via twitter.

“After the quake, I was okay in the camp with the team” she tweeted in kanji, which was then translated to English by The Daily News Global.

So at least there’s a glimmer of good news there, yes? Still, world’s third biggest economy has a long way to go. Apart from aftershocks—there have been more than 300 after shocks following Friday’s quake—food shortage, a rising death toll, and rescue operations, Nuclear Powerplant meltdowns have become the number source of concern.

As of this morning, there have been nine individuals who’ve tested positive for Radiation. While Pag-asa tells us the country pretty safe from clouds coming from Japan which are carrying harmful particles, it pays to be informed. ran a pretty concise article on what to do should a nuclear meltdown occur. Basically, stay indoors.

Now, if you’re still panicking on earthquakes and stuff, this Philvocs link might be helpful. It shows the active faultlines in the country, so you can go ahead and check on your location.

And lastly, it won’t hurt to extend a helping hand now, right? Kindly check Red Cross Philippines to see what you can do. 

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Stay safe, everyone.

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