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Marielle Landi - FHM Girlfriend of the Month April 2013

All she has to do is flash her name for you to know you're in for some fun
by Jason Tulio | Apr 2, 2013
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By now we’re sure you’ve heard what your last name translates to in Filipino.
Yes! I mean, nobody ever told me that my last name means “flirty girl” but it’s cute. I like it.

Are you?
I guess you could say I’m flirty, ha ha! It depends who I’m flirting with.

What’s a typical summer like for you?
The beach, tanning, summer clothes. Being in your bikini. I love summer, it’s my favorite season. 

Do you feel sexy when you’re in a bikini?
Yes, I love being in a bikini and I love being at the beach. That’s my favorite place.

What’s sexy about it?
Just being free. You’re not restricted unlike in a suit, a dress or high heels.

Being from a whole mix of cultures, what would you say is the universal language when it comes to being sexy?
I guess your body language and how you present yourself as sexy. You don’thave to actually show so much. I think it’s in the way you present yourself. If you’re confident and if you have that natural beauty about you, that’s sexy.

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What turns you on in the sack?
I like morning sex. I think it’s a nice way to start your day. You know you’re goingto have a good day if you start it off with sex.

Does it help that guys wake up…alert?
Yes, that helps.


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