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McDonald's Rebuts FSA Warning On Cancerous Fast Food

'Food safety is a top priority of ours'
by Andrei Medina | Jan 27, 2017
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McDonald’s has replied to a statement issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) saying that consumers should be wary of eating fast foods like fries, which might contain acrylamide—a chemical that increases the risk of developing cancer.

In a statement, McDonald’s explained they have previously adjusted their food preparation process even before the warning was issued, The Sun reports.

“Food safety is a top priority of ours and we have worked with national and European authorities and extensively with our suppliers, taking into consideration a number of factors to mitigate its formation.”

McDonald’s also said they have conducted various changes over the last decade including the introduction of new storage methods.

“This includes the careful selection of potato varieties, storage and processing conditions. This extends to preparation in our restaurants where cooking is below a specific temperature—seen as the most important measure in controlling this natural reaction.”


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The FSA this week warned that acrylamide forms in foods like potatoes and fries whenever they are fried, baked or roasted at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius.

They also said the public should avoid keeping potatoes in the refrigerator since it is more likely to form acrylamide the longer it is stored.


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