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Me Love Hotdogs

<p>It's competitive eating, not gluttony.</p>
| Jul 8, 2009
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From your mother’s adobo, to the isaw and the betamax, it’s safe to say that Pinoys love to eat. So much so in fact, that no animal part or organ goes to waste—much to the horror of animal welfare organizations.

Now, with 7-11’s Big Bite Match, we will be able to measure just how enormous our appetite is. From June 26 to August 15, the chance to take part in this gastro-numental event is yours. The challenge is simple: Just go to your friendly, neighborhood 7-11 outlet, avail of the Big Bite Pack, and wolf down/gobble/eat the hell out of 5 hotdogs in the shortest time possible. The fastest eaters will then be invited to the Big Bite Match finals at the Trinoma Activity Center on August 29, 2009 where the chance to win 500,000 pesos awaits.

Think you can stomach all that? Well, here’s competitive eating’s top fiver. Let these mythical munchers inspire you! 

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Sonya Thomas aka The Black Widow

Nutritional Facts:

  • Regularly out-eating men in competitions, Sonya Thomas is the world’s top female competitive eater, ranked 6th overall in the world with 29 world titles.
  • As though out-eating men wasn’t enough, Sonya weighs right around 100 pounds.
  • Defeated Competitive Eating great Takeru Kobayashi in a fruit-cake eating contest in December 2008.
  • Should her appetite dwindle, she has a college degree in hotel management on which she can fall back.


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