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Whoa! Pakistan Bans Valentine's Day

The tradition was banned for being un-Islamic
by Andrei Medina | Feb 14, 2017
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While we enjoy today’s Valentine’s Day with our loved ones, the people of Pakistan are not openly able to celebrate the long-standing tradition that promotes love.

According to the Independent, the Muslim-majority country’s High Court has issued a decision banning public Valentine’s Day celebrations in the country for not being part of Muslim tradition.

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The ban apparently comes after a private petition claiming the celebration encourages lewd acts and casual sex especially among the youth.

Last year, Pakistan President, Mamnoon Hussain himself dissuaded the public from celebrating Valentine’s Day as it “has no connection” with the Muslim culture.


Pakistan is not the first country to impose a ban on the Christian feast day. Indonesia, which predominantly Muslim nation, banned Valentine’s Day celebrations in their country for the same reasons.

Valentine’s Day originated from the celebration of the Feast of Saint Valentine which has turned into an annual event in most Christian countries where love and affection are shown mostly through the giving of flowers and chocolates to women during romantic dates.


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