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Meet Amber Heard - the Hottest Babe We Will Never Have

<p>Professing our love, and dismay, for the <em>Drive Angr</em>y hottie</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 23, 2011
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We will never grow weary of Transformers babe Megan Fox, whose immense sex appeal had us going passionately insane for a little while. Same can be said for Easy A star Emma Stone, whose wit and good girl charms will always have a spot in our top five most desirable qualities.

Amber Heard, star of the upcoming action thriller Drive Angry, is fast going right up that alley. The most adherent movie devotee might have seen her in a film or two before, perhaps as the free spirited Baja Miller in Never Back Down or as Seth Rogen’s cute as a button under-aged girlfriend in Pineapple Express.

But the film that officially catapulted her into our hot girl radars was the 2006 thriller All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, where in a case of life imitating art, she plays the titular character being chased by killers and potential lovers.

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Amber Heard is the consummate eye candy, but exudes an aura indicating she won’t allocate you to look, much less touch. The woman is an effortless seducer: long blonde locks, inviting stare, and thriving lips that seems to always be in need of a wild, passionate smooch. Finally, that female figure to die for. Amber has more than once graced the pages of FHM, at one point posing naked and scribbling enthusiastic words on her body, all for the cause of supporting equality and justice. Guess she’s a hot girl with a warm heart.

She even exudes ganda points outside of her showbiz career. She is a fan of muscle cars, driving a 1968 Ford Mustang and has famously appeared in UK’s Top Gear magazine. Amber is a certified life guard, proficient in sign language, and is a gun collector herself. That's right, she owns a .357 Magnum.  She’s got man skills most of us would only aspire to have, the reason all the boys indeed love Amber Heard - she’s a kick-ass man trapped in a perfect woman’s body.

A funny thought, considering she has one more thing in common with our kind: Amber, much like the most of us, has professed her love for women. Amber recently came out at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation 25th Anniversary Party, proudly claiming that she is in a relationship with artist and photographer Tasya van Ree. Hearts will continue to break tonight.

Yes, Amber Heard may very well be the hottest babe we will never have for the sole reason that she's a lesbian. But since when did that ever stop you, dear FHM readers, from seeing the good in a girly relationship? Tasya, mind you, is quite a looker herself.

But for men’s sake, Amber, please continue to do films that made you the dream babe that you are – a sexy, ready to roll, always there when you call, bare it all vixen.

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