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Meet The 'New Team Pacquiao'

AKA the people who openly support (or at least not offended by) Pacquiao's same-sex marriage comments
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 18, 2016
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It's been a downward spiral for Manny Pacquiao's PR train since the Filipino boxing icon made those statements about same-sex marriage.

As if the wrath of popular celebrity members of the LGBT community wasn't enough, fault-finding netizens continue to speak their mind and censure the Pac-Man—this, even after he had apologized.

Fortunately for Manny, a group has emerged in his defense, and like his boxing entourage, consists of people who are ready to stand in his corner (or at least express the same belief) despite the shitstorm's he's currently in.

Novaliches Bishop Emeritus Teodoro Bacani

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The retired church leader has called for deeper understanding of the boxer's words.

"Marahil 'yung kanyang pagkakasabi baka nakasakit sa mga ibang tao pero 'yung mga nasaktan itanong din naman nila na 'yung gustong sabihin ni Manny ay totoo ba o hindi. Hindi naman sila itinutulad sa mga hayop, binibigyan lang ng contrast," explained Bishop Bacani in an interview with Radyo Veritas.

The bishop thinks Manny is just reminding people that they should strive to avoid things not being done even by animals. "Ang tingin ko, kinikilala ni Manny Pacquiao ang mga nag-a-advocate sa same-sex marriage na kilalanin na iba sila sa mga hayop."

Who could he replace in Manny's original entourage? Knowing the Pambansang Kamao and how extreme he had become when it comes to religion, trainer and best friend Buboy Fernandez should watch his back.

Vice President Jejomar Binay

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Unsurprisingly, the presidential candidate backed Manny, who is a member of his Senate slate.

"We'll have to go back to who is Manny Pacquiao now. Maka-Diyos na maka-Diyos si Manny Pacquiao," Binay was quoted by CNN Philippines. "On my part. I will abide and follow the position of the Catholic Church on that matter."

Who could he replace in Manny's original entourage? Being the man of authority in their political ambition, the UNA standard bearer suits coach Freddie Roach's post. Here's hoping he will make the right calls.


Senator Juan Ponce Enrile

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The almost-centenarian didn't mince words in his "interplanetary" quote:

"Tama si Pacquiao. Kung ipipilit ng mga LGBT groups ang same-sex marriage, mainam pa na pumunta sila sa planetang Mars," Enrile was quoted by Interaksyon.

In another interview, the senator said that while he would not have expressed his stand "that strong," he still believes that same-sex marriage is "unnatural."

Enrile asserted, "Manny Pacquiao is a leader. He is showing better leadership than most people. He will win in this election hands down. Believe me." And if ever people turn their back on the Pambansang Kamao? "I will tell them, they're crazy. What are you doing? You are not God?"

Who could he replace in Manny's original entourage? We seriously think Manong Johnny can outlast Manny's unyielding adviser, Michael Koncz.

As Lourd de Veyra so eloquently said: "Sino ka man, anumang estado mo sa buhay, mauuna ka pa rin kay Juan Ponce Enrile"

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This girl

No explanation needed. Your regular Facebook winner, who types in the perfect comment—in this case, an insult—that is hilarious but not as humiliating. A well-timed pun never fails.

Who could he replace in Manny's original entourage? Looks like Jimmy Kimmel's time beside Manny will be over soon.


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