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Meet the New Wonder Woman, Adrianne Palicki

<p>We're turning into fanboys once again</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 28, 2011
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We all know who Wonder Woman is – Amazonian princess with superhuman strength and uses the Lasso of Truth to fight off villains; also known as the most iconic among all of female superheroes, thanks to her red and blue tights.

She’s mightily available in her own line of comic books, video games, and animated series. But in 1975, a successful TV series was made in honor of the DC heroine.

It starred Irish-Mexican vixen Lynda Carter, who by the way still looks cougar-rific to this day.

More than 25 years later, and the show will reportedly make a comeback in the small screen.

While it took producers a long time to find an actress who can live up to Wonder Woman’s, erm, wonders, we’re pretty sure they got it right by casting 27-year old hottie Adrianne Palicki.

It's easy to see how she got the part. The former Friday Night Lights star has the statuesque gorgeousness of an Amazonian goddess, easily towering over everyone at 5’11.”

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Plus she has the beauty and the booty to pull off that iconic heroine outfit.

Her version of Wonder Woman’s background however could be different. As Diana Prince, Adrianne will play a successful corporate executive by day and Los Angeles vigilante crime fighter by night. Superhero babe’s keeping up with the times, apparently.

And not that she needs any experience for the role. Adrianne has had a one-episode part as Kara in Smallville, the long-running series that chronicles Clark Kent’s road to becoming Superman. She also appeared as a villain in the Aquaman series, though the short-lived show was only available through iTunes.

But back to what’s most important. Adrianne’s infectiously gorgeous that Lynda Carter herself found our generation’s version of the super heroine so much better already. “I think she looks fabulous. It's a new look and, jeez, her body looks fantastic,” the former Wonder Woman says.

The show making a pit stop in our local and cable channels might take some time, but if the pilot episode does well, we’ll be happy to see more of Adrianne Palicki. So here’s to hoping it does, because we believe the sexy lady in the spandex costume can push through.

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