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WATCH: Meg Imperial Nearly Falls Off Horse In A Commercial Shoot

A stallion attempts to eject the new White Castle calendar girl off the saddle.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 4, 2016
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FHM's December 2012 cover girl Meg Imperial joined a long line of Filipina beauties when she became White Castle Whisky's calendar girl for 2015. She followed the likes of Lorna Tolentino, Carmi Martin, Cristina Gonzales, and Roxanne Guinoo, to name a few, in wearing the alcohol brand's iconic red two-piece.

Meg reprises the role for 2016, which greatly pleases every bro who's still in denial over the fact that work (and school!) has begun again. Here's your jolt of Monday sexiness:

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Who wouldn't want these plastered on a wall?


What most of us probably do not know is that being White Castle's ambassador isn't as easy as one would think. Aside from the fact that a girl has to be pretty trim to don the bikini, she also has to be brave enough to learn how to ride a horse. Meg did, as seen in this training video uploaded on White Castle's Facebook page.

But even with proper training, animals can get unpredictable. Meg experienced this firsthand as her horse attempted to eject her out the saddle whilst jogging on a beach.



Moment captured! Meo gone wild during our shoot for #WhiteCastle2016TVC???? @destilerialimtuaco

A video posted by Mary Grace Imperial (@megimperial) on

Thankfully, Meg maintained her composure (and balance) and came away unscathed. You be safe out there, girl!


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