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Bros Experience The Extreme Pain Of Childbirth

The pain is said to be without equal. Can men handle it?
by Neps Firmalan | Sep 15, 2015
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Few things in life can equal the physical pain of giving birth. Yet it's one of those things that women go through for the sake of having kids and, in the grand scheme of things, ensuring our survival as a species.

But just how painful is it really? We could go with numbers and metaphors, like having a hundred hammers whack your kneecap at the same time. In reality though, these descriptions fall waaay short. The only way to have a legit idea of this otherwordly kind of pain is to, well, try to experience it yourself.

That's what the crazy brave fellows of BuzzFeed's The Try Guys recently did (minus the actual giving birth part, of course) with the help of some hi-tech intruments.

Were they able to persevere? Watch:

Video via BuzzFeedVideo

Yep, it hurts like a mothereffer (pun shamelessly intended).

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