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IN PHOTOS: FHM Sweats It Out At The Men's Health Training Combine!

Do you have what it takes to be <em>#MHFit?</em>
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 9, 2015
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Before anything else, we'd like to congratulate those who joined the Men's Health Training Combine at the Gatorade Blue Pitch last Saturday, February 7. Your mere presence says a lot about your determination to turn into your best self. Thanks for being our fitspirations, sirs and madams!


For those who aren't aware, the #MHTrainingCombine is an event where you can get pro-athlete fitness evaluation using a variety of fitness tests, including the Vertical Jump, Medicine Ball Pass, 40-yard Dash, Figure of 8, and Shuttle Run. In a nutshell, the participants were given a chance to know how it feels to be #MHFit.

Sounds like your thing? Proceed to the gallery below to see the sweaty highlights of the event!

Photos Majoy Siason & Vince Bascos
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