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Why Traffic's Bad: Metro Manila PUVs By The Numbers!

We apologize in advance for bumming you out on a Monday
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 18, 2014
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We apologize in advance for bumming you out on a Monday, but it's not like you're not used to this kind of news anyway.

So here's the thing: Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) chair Winston Ginez recently told The Philippine Star that the Metro Manila's worsening traffic condition can be attributed to the fact that there are too many public utility vehicles.

He also admitted that the traffic gridlocks are partially caused by the volume of city buses being more than double of what EDSA can accommodate, provincial jeepneys invading the metropolis, and the actual volume of trucks-for-hire being thrice the number of those that have franchises. No wonder the traffic's horrible!

To the folks at LTFRB: We think all Filipino commuters deserve to know what they're going up against on a daily basis. So just how many buses, jeepneys, and trucks are we talking about here? Read on!

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The number of city buses roaming EDSA everyday, and we're only talking about the ones with franchises.

LTFRB"Kailangang maka-boundary!"


The number of city buses EDSA can accommodate, which means the LTFRB should have stopped granting franchises a long time ago.

LTFRB"Bawal tayo riyan, boss...dun ka na sa tulay bumaba"

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The number of public ulitilty jeepneys in NCR alone. Some of these jeepneys hold franchises that were issued outside of Metro Manila, which means they're not supposed to operate here in the first place.

LTFRB"Sisingit ka pa ha! Eto'ng sa'yo!"


The number of authorized trucks-for-hire in Metro Manila right now. Unfortunately, rented and unauthorized trucks are still not included in this number.

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LTFRB"Two lanes? Pwede na ba ulit 'yan?"


The number of trucks that have applied for franchises ever since the LTFRB announced the updated fines for unauthorized vehicles last June. That's 200 percent more trucks on the road!


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 The kind of numbers we'd like to see

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