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Mexico's New Police Chief is a College Girl!

<p>Giving justice to the phrase "armed and fabolous"</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 22, 2010
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Movies like Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico taught us that crime lords are nothing more than a couple of goons Antonio Banderas can wipe out with a guitar and a rifle.
But then again we realize that Antonio also appeared on Spy Kids, losing his cajones and failing to preserve his Mexican swagger in the process.

Also, reality bites: Crime in Mexico is at an all-time high, drugs are more accessible, and there is no actual El Mariachi we can rely on.

Good news is there is an actual person willing to step up for the job. Only this person's still spending time in school.

And she's a she. Sounds like a movie but it really ain’t.

Marisol Valles Garcia is a 20-year old college student, but she also happens to be the new police chief of Pradexis Guadalupe, Mexico.

Monday, October 18, saw the criminology major get sworn on the job as the town’s official elite crime fighter. And for a salary of $640-a-month, she intends to battle the most notorious of them drug lords.

Her untimely induction however, is not a publicity stunt we could all hoot about. Marisol was unanimously sworn in because no one else wanted to accept the chief post after a year’s worth of scouting.

Blame it on a series of killings made by crime groups to several Guadalupe officials in the past four years, frightening away most members of the town’s force.

Case in point: Guadalupe’s chief of police – Marisol’s predecessor – was found dead with his severed head displayed in front of the police station a few days after being abducted in 2009. The mayor of Guadalupe was also slain last June.

The town of Pradexis is apparently in the middle of a transport route for cartels transporting cocaine, cannabis, and other drugs to the US, making it one of the most criminal-filled areas in Mexico.

In a town of 9,000 residents, she headlines a force of 13 officers – some of them women – with one patrol car, three automatic rifles, and a pistol to use. They are severely under equipped, but Marisol is quite the optimist.

"I am frightened, I am only human, but you have to learn to trust and to have hope that things can change," she says. "Have faith that we can do something about this security problem. We want to build a place where young people can fulfill their hopes and dreams."

We sincerely wish Chief Garcia the best of luck and more importantly, her safety. Because violence is no way to treat a woman. And just so you know, here's how:

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