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Michelle Madrigal - FHM Cover Girl April 2012

Radiant despite the blistering heat, and imbued with an enlightened sense of maturity, Michelle Madrigal is back for her most daring outing yet<br /><br />
by Ronjay Eduvas | Apr 18, 2012
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You only had a week to prepare for this shoot. Saying yes on such short notice, is it safe to assume you’re very spontaneous?
I am. I’m always spontaneous. When I’m with my friends, pag may gusto silang puntahan tapos walang work, I’ll say, “Sige, let’s go. Let’s do it.” I actually want to skydive. I want to bungee jump. There’s something about that feeling [of spontaneity].

It’s your third cover and you know what they say: third time’s the charm. Do you feel lucky in life right now?
Of course. With work, especially after my soap opera Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit. Right now I’m just doing regional shows. I mean, I’m thankful because I have Party Pilipinas. Life is good. I’m blessed. People are never content but that doesn’t mean I’m not content right now. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nun na hihinto na lang yung goals ko in life. My last show was a big success, I dance every Sunday, and now I’m doing another cover. I’m happy.

How was it like working with Carla Abellana in Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit?
Fun. She was my schoolmate but we never really got the chance to talk. Nagkikita lang kami sa school. So when we started the show ilangan pa at first and then eventually, to be honest, sa lahat ng soap na nagawa ko, yun yung pinaka nagenjoy ako.

Why is that?
Parang family. Everyone from the director to our senior actors, pagka-lunch or dinner break sabay kaming kakain so nakakatuwa. It was a good experience. And unlike other shows na off-cam may tarayan, yung sa amin walang nangyaring ganun. I’m very thankful na hindi na kinailangan gumawa ng ingay para i-promote yung show. We got extended because people liked the story, our acting. I’m proud that it was watched not because may chismis na nagaway kami.

Walking down the beach, a lot of people recognized you, one drunk man even screamed: “Inaagawan mo si Carla!” How do you deal with that kind of attention?
Yes, they call me Bridget [her character on the show]. Natutuwa ako when they call me by my character’s name. It means pinapanood nila at tumatatak sa kanila yung role ko. Yung iba naiinis pa: “Ang sama-sama mo kay Carla!” they’d say and tumatawa lang ako kasi ibig sabihin I did my part. I don’t get offended. It’s funny to me.

Speaking of fun, we met your American footballer boyfriend a while ago…
Ha ha! Next question please!

Is it a fact that you prefer foreign men to Filipinos?
Yes. I get along with them more. Most of my friends are half-Filipinos or most of them grew up in the States. Yung culture din nila yung nakasanayan ko. I find Filipinos too conservative, very strict. I had a Filipino boyfriend at pati pananamit ko pinapansin. I couldn’t wear shorts or sleeveless tops. It doesn’t mean if you wear something sexy, you’re putting yourself out there. Sometimes it’s just more comfortable. I also found Filipinos to be too seloso; when someone talks to you, galit kaagad. When I started dating foreign guys they were so understanding; they don’t stop me from doing what I want.

So you don’t like being balled and chained?
I don’t. If I want to do something, I’ll do it. As long as hindi masama or nasasaktan yung ibang tao. I can wear whatever I want, or hang out with my girlfriends. Sexy photo shoots or movies, for some Filipinos—and I’m not generalizing—hindi nila maintindihan. I don’t like being controlled. This is my job. This is my career. I know what I’m doing. If I’m going to do a love scene, I’ll make sure kasama siya sa story. Some guys are just really controlling and I don’t want that.

Cultural biases aside, what do you look for in a man in terms of physical appearance?
Well, I want someone fit. Gusto ko yung nag-wo-workout. Hindi talaga ako mahilig sa mga super guwapo yung itsura. You don’t need to be a pretty boy. Gusto ko I’ll feel like he’ll take care of me pag kasama ko siya. Para pag may bumastos, I know kaya niya akong ipagtanggol. Kapag petite yung guy baka mauna pa tumakbo sa akin yun, ha ha!

You are obviously drawn to athletic men.
It’s sexy. Especially if they play soccer. I think the sexiest men alive are soccer players, like David Beckham. They run a lot so hindi na kailangang masyadong bigyan ng effort yung mga katawan nila, ha ha! Basketball players are too tall, or masyadong malaki, ha ha! I like it better when they’re lean.


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