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Pro-Martial Law Millennials Meet Martial Law Torture Victims

The shock on their faces says it all
by Andrei Medina | May 4, 2016
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The years when the country was under the martial rule of the late President Ferdinand Marcos have always been a subject of opposing views. Most of those old enough to have experienced it attest to its horrors, while some of today's younger generation sees it as the "golden age" of the Philippines.

In a recent video posted on Facebook, the two age groups were able to share their thoughts about Martial Law with each another.


It started with the youth, aged 19 to 22 and most of them first-time voters, introducing themselves to their elderly counterparts.

They were then asked what they thought of the Martial Law years and its effects.

Some of them said it was good for our country, and that it made the country a respectable nation, while also instilling public discipline. Also, all of them were in favor of Martial Law.

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This was when the human rights victims started introducing themselves and sharing their horrendous experiences during the infamous reign, including rape, electrocution, and other forms of torture.

At this point, some of the younger participants turned emotional and apologized for their stance and lack of knowledge of the topic.

"Grabe po pala yung mga nangyari noong Martial Law," one of the youngsters said.

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"Iba po yung kuwento na naririnig ko sa school," another added.

The video ended with the message, "To this day, the true story of Martial Law is not being taught in schools. It's time to rewrite our history books."


The clip has been viewed 809,000 times and has over 37,000 shares as of this writing.

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