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10 Millennial Things Titos And Titas Have Embraced

Number 1: Exploring what they call 'The FB'
by Raul Maningat | Dec 10, 2017
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Titos and Titas, for the most part, are built to look at a Milllennial and say, "Mas okay talaga 'nung panahon natin." The vlogs, the phone obssession, and the nitpicking of every politically incorrect statement are just some of the millennial qualities that have made the older generation lose hope for a better tomorrow. However, whether or not they admit to it, titos and titas have totally adopted a number of practices that originated from the very milennials they unjustly, and sometimes fairly, poke fun at. Some seem cool, others make you question your faith, but to sum it all up, here are the top 10 Millennial things that our Titos and Titas have fully embraced.


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We don't know who invented the selfie, but we're pretty sure Millennials popularized it. At first, Titos and Titas frowned upon this narcissistic practice, but as time went by, more have given in and have even mastered the art form. Now, no matter how silly their attempt might look—arms stretched out, struggling to press the "take photo" button, and struggling even harder to find their good side—Titos, but most especially Titas, will go for that perfect selfie and upload it on social media.

Social media

Remember the time when convincing them to go on Facebook was like trying to get toddlers to eat vegetables? Those days are long gone. Now, you'll be surprised that your Tita has already out-posted you on Instagram. Their social media game, however corny, probably has a lot more going on than yours. Living proof of this is the Klasik-Titos and Titas of Manila Facebook page, aka the fastest growing social media group aka the most active Facebook page when it comes to posting nonsensical, fun stuff online.

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Group chats

When online, perhaps there’s nothing more enjoyable to Titos and Titas than yakking with their fellow people from their age group. We’re not saying group chats are strictly for millennials. But if you want to find out how your Titos and Titas’ get-togethers have dramatically increased, just hack into their GCs. But you’ve got to be careful, though: what you might find in there could very well destroy your childhood.

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Just when you thought you could count on the elderly to make sound judgments, you'll see a Tito at the mall rocking ultra skinny jeans, his crotch begging to get some air. Or worse, a Tito with joggers on. Not to be outdone, Titas now do OOTD posts, scoring plus points for twinning with their daughters. And yes, even crop tops with matching NMDs or Yeezys are not safe from a fierce Tita. But seriously, it's all good. As long as it makes them feel good, then we're all for it.


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They blog about it. They preach about it. They post it all over social media. For millennials, travelling and experiencing different cultures are a huge part of what life is all about. Titos and Titas, who back then weren't big on traveling, now seem to agree. Not wanting to get left behind, Batangas, Baguio, Tagaytay, and Boracay are no longer enough. Just like millennials, they've now made country-hopping a top priority. Live life to the fullest, as they say. With their brains rewired, Titos and Titas are out to see a bigger world. Good for their spirit, bad for their wallets.

Transport Network Service

At first, Titos and Titas were skeptical Uber and Grab. They grew up riding taxis, after all. But once familiarized with the wonders of TNS, they found themselves downloading the Uber and Grab apps faster than a ping-pong rally between two Chinese dudes. Finally, they've found an answer to the horrific taxi drivers of Manila. TNS is indeed a savior. To the Titos and Titas not yet awoke—open your eyes!

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Online games

We often see kids these days alone in the corner with an iPad or a cellphone playing games for hours without speaking to anyone. Not good for their development at all. But hey, Titos and Titas, supposedly fully developed human beings, have acquired the same unhealthy habit of isolating themselves to play online games. Why has Tita been on her phone all day? Well, playing Candy Crush of course. Yep, she's still stuck on Candy Crush.

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Online businesses

Gaming isn’t the only thing Titos and Titas learned from going online. They're now taking their businesses online as well. Realizing it’s way cheaper and has a far broader reach, putting up an online business has become a go-to income source. Initially reluctant to go digital, the old folks brushed off their apprehensions once they found out how profitable the internet can be. When it’s about making money, no Tito or Tita is too stubborn.


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It's easy to imagine how a Tita could say, "Puro kayo K-pop at K-drama, di niyo naman naiitindihan!". But no! As we've learned, Titas are huge fans of Korean entertainment. Just a month ago, in K-drama star Nam Joo Hyuk's meet-and-greet at the Kia Theater in Cubao, an insider told as that Titas were all over the place screaming their lungs out like teenagers. Wow, that's a sight we'd pay not to see.

Ongil (lingo)

Saying things in reverse (datkilab = baliktad) has been a thing for the young peeps recently. Since it has caught on, Titos and Titas have adjusted and are now into heavy usage of the datkilab lexicon. They claim to have started it all. And now,  we don’t know who stole from who. What we do know is everyone seems to be having a lot of fun saying werpa, lodi and petmalu. Soya ba?


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